Brunette Highlights Perfection

Whoa 😮 @linsonhair you’ve got our eye 👁 #maneinterest


Caramel Highlights on Dark Hair

Love ❤️ caramel highlights @hairby_marcy

That Beautiful Blend

It really is all about creating that beautiful blend @dontbejealyyourhairbyfeli

This Color Is Absolutely Beautiful

This is gorgeous @texturedbymeg

Yummy Brunette

@thathairmagic this is just 🍫 yummy all around 😋

Dark Blonde or Light Brunette?

Good question – is this dark dark blonde or light light brunette? Either way, @andrej_bodahairboutique is starting this Monday off right.

Look at These Highlights

Lovely lights by @hairbymadisoncarbrey

Thick Hair

Wow 😮 loving this color by @kristirunswithscissors