Cool Toned Silver and Brunette

Dark brunette with iccccceeee. Oh so cool.
Color by Jimmy Hilton.
silver and dark brunette hair color

3 thoughts on “Cool Toned Silver and Brunette

  1. I absolutely love this. I have hair to just below mid back. Its all one length because I just dont know what to do with. My hair is medium brown with natural red highlights if I spent time in the sun it becomes a lighter red. I used to die my hair all the time but since i got sick I just can do it anymore. And God knows I cant afford the beautiful multicolor hair syles now. I really want the grey with light color streaks through out.. that is until I saw this. I love this look. It woukd givenmebthe grey I want while still keeping my natural brown. My only dear is bleaching my hair. I have not died my hair in about 13 years and no gel or hairspray of any kind in 20 or so years. I use shampoo and conditioner and a little quarter size bit of biosilk. I dry natural. I would love to have this done to my hair but being disabled I need my hair easy to manage. As it is now. I just do a twist up into a bun. The arthritis doesnt allow for much time hold my arms up. Its so very Beautiful I really do love it. But it would be wasted on someone like me..

    But wow as much as I love the bright colors but this is just gorgeous and althought i never i would still get.

    I do have a question though.. how much bleach do you need for this. I love that my hair is so healthy and its the only part of me I like. I dont want to do a lot of damage to since at 41 years old I have finally been able to grow it this long and I have been trying since I was 20.

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