Brunette to Blonde Fade

Bronde goodness @hairbykelseyk

Soft Beige Highlights

Soft highlights, 🌊 waves and smiles @jordanasouthwellhair

Warm Tone Hints

@thatmanemama winning 💯 with this one

Long Brunette and Fabulous

Oooo la la @jessicaamandahair

Sunflower Blonde

Sunflower 🌻 Blonde extensions @beccaclarkhair

Perfect Natural Blonde

Yesssss @hair.ashleigh

Copper Balayage and Dimension

Balayage and dimension @van_coloriste_

Caramel Brunette Feels

All the Fall 🍁 Feels here @dionnadidthat

Natural Beachy Blonde

Beachy blonde hair @jordanasouthwellhair

Gold & Caramel Lights

Hints of summer and sunkissed are great any time of year @hair.ashleigh