Denim Hair Stylist Apron

Came across this cute, distressed denim apron on Amazon and had to share. Coloristas, this is a more stylish option than your traditional polyester black apron, right? We like that the distress nature of it will ‘wear’ with the for sure bleach ‘stains’ you’ll get on it. At a price point of only $27, we say it’s totally worth it! Check out all the details by clicking on the image to view on Amazon now.

Denim Hair Stylist Apron with Pockets

Brand To Watch: Bunch of Scrunch

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Use code “MANEINTEREST” to get 20% OFF your order.

We’ve noticed the brand @bunchofscrunch has been showing up A LOT lately in hair stylists Posts. The clip and scrunchie accessory phenom continues to grow and 🙋🏼‍♀️ we’re loving it!

Hair and photo by @nicolepallottahair

The indie brand is only a year old and based out of Australia. Hair stylists check them out via their instagram @bunchofscrunch!

Have you heard of this brand yet? It’s definitely one to watch! Shop all their items now at and be sure to use the ‘MANEINTEREST’ coupon code to get yourself some savings too!