Editorial Inspiration – Mod Girls in May 2015 Vogue Germany

OK let’s admit it – when it comes to this blog and hair inspriation we are definitely color heavy for sure. But hey, when it’s good content, it’s good content, right? There’s no need to ‘require’ a once a week editorial post if it’s not good enough to put up.

Anyways, we are posting these amazing hair editorial pics published in the 2015 May issue of Vogue Germany. Called “Mod Girls”, this editorial captures everything that ‘new and now’ stands for right now in hairstyles. All hair styled by Eugene Souleiman.
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All people in this editorial:


The World’s Most Fashionable Bob

Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour, arguably the most influential person in the fashion industry and has been for decades, has dawned the same bob hairstyle ever since she was 14 years old. Now normally one would think a fashion guru would like to change up their hairstyle as frequently as their handbag, but Wintour’s bob has become, at this point, part of her essence. Anna Wintour not having a perfect bob hairstyle would be like Vogue not having a September issue.

Wintour gets her hair meticulously trimmed once a month by famous hair stylist Charlie Chan, creative director of the Michaeljohn salons in London.

If you’re up for a google challenge, try finding images of Anna with messy hair. There’s seriously an article by the Daily Mail about the ONE instance she was caught with a hair out of place. It was newsworthy for sure!