Flash Sale | 40% OFF Big Kizzy Hair Care

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Get To Know: Big Kizzy

Hey stylists. Ugh. In a world of instagram snapchat story MANIA, saturated with all things beauty, fashion, health, fitness, travel, luxury lifestyle influencer goulash 9er, everyone is preaching their point of difference BS on you and seriously, does it feel like your feed has become just an ongoing commercial of accounts you’ve liked? “Look at me, I’m enjoying this product and it’s perfect for this scenario and try it out and use my discount code and you’ll live happily ever after. Happy Monday!”


*Don’t get us wrong here – this post is totally a ‘plug’ on a brand, HOWEVER, we at Mane Interest focus on bringing awareness to brands that offer SOLUTIONS to ‘problems’ in the industry.*

Say hello to Big Kizzy Hair. Born from a hair dresser’s constant need to source too many brand lines to provide what should be basic at-home care for clients, Big Kizzy covers all the bases, as in, the products are safe for color, keratin, AND, gasp, extensions. All at the same time. Try and do a search of other hair care products/items that do this and…… crickets.

As their website states “BIG KIZZY was designed for the client who loves more hair AND navigates multiple types of services for various reasons.” Hmmm, so basically Big KIZZY was designed for 90+% of the clients that sit in your chair, right? We’re pretty sure the brand’s products can be applicable for just about anyone, but hey, we’ll leave the percentage at 90% just to be conservative.

Anyways, if you’re looking to recommend or try a product line that is geared more towards the all-in-one solutions rather than the one-off solutions, you have to check out Big Kizzy.

One product that we think is especially a god-send for stylists and clients alike is the Big Kizzy Late Nights Dry Shampoo. Why? Well simply because it’s actually SAFE for, yes, color, keratin, and, gasp again, extensions. No really, it is. And at this stage in the dry shampoo game, let’s just accept that most brands do this: give you texture and absorb oil. And that’s what they should do, right? Big Kizzy is no ‘different’ in that regard and why should it be. The difference is their dry shampoo isn’t going to F up your client’s weave or keratin treatment, and frankly, it’s better for that extensions or keratin treatment or color client to be able to go as many days as possible (and hygienically acceptable) because it makes their service last longer. FINALLY. Solutions. For everyone.

If you’re interested in carrying their line or trying out the product for yourself – learn more at the Big Kizzy website. And if you have tried the products, let us know what you think in the comments below. #hairtalk