Buy-Rite Beauty

Aside from our main focus of the new and now in the world of hair color and styles, we love taking the time to share with beauty, hair and industry pros the businesses that are doing it ‘rite’. Today we want you to get to know the salon equipment and furniture retailer Buy-Rite Beauty.

Buy-Rite Beauty is an industry leader when it comes to providing salon packages, equipment, and customer service. Now instead of doing a full on, 7+ paragraph pitch on how/why they are a good company to partner with, let’s just get the skinny on some of the things about them that stood out to us.

  • They’ve been around since 1936, so for over 75 years. Experience. CHECK.
  • Free Design & Layout Service – Umm, if you’re a salon operator, stylist, owner, etc., you’re going to need this service to fully optimize your space. This is a no-brainer and frankly we cannot believe they offer it standard for free.
  • Items are Customizable – you want a salon chair that isn’t black or white? OK, they’ll make it happen. 100+ colors and you can even choose more than one tone.
  • Fly & Buy Program – We get it, purchasing salon equipment is an investment and it would be difficult to know for sure what exactly you’re purchasing if you can’t touch and feel it first, right? Buy-Rite will reimburse you up to $500 for the cost of your travel so you can visit one of their showrooms to see your products before you buy them. That, folks, is incredible.
  • Returns & Warranty – every company is going to offer some sort of return policy and warranty on their products (we would hope so, at least!) and Buy-Rite’s policy is exceptional, including a MINIMUM 1 year warranty on every single product and a repair and maintenance program.
  • Coupon Code (YAY!!) – Use the code “MI2017″ at the Buy-Rite Beauty checkout online to receive 3% off your total order. And you can also mention the coupon code over the phone (1-888-658-0641) if you want to place your order/get customer service help etc. Savings are always a good thing, right? 😉

If you haven’t worked with Buy-Rite Beauty yet, put them on your radar and take advantage of the services and quality they can offer. We like how it really is a “nothing to lose” type customer service vibe, where you can tell them your design dream and they can make it a reality. Take a look at the gallery of the gorgeous salon work they’ve done recently! And all you owners, stylists and operators, if you have worked with Buy-Rite before, we want to know your experience. Write about it in the comments below and tell us!