Living the Roil Life

A little bit of Royal, and a touch of Oil, and what do you get? An exclusive, all natural and niche newcomer to the industry called ROIL. Have you come across this luxury lifestyle brand yet? It’s only available exclusively in some of the world’s nicest hotels (see L’ermitage Beverly Hills or One & Only Palmilla, to name a few), and at the ROIL Salon in Beverly Hills.

The mission behind the brand is to elevate the industry by creating a compelling collection of natural products, coinciding with the company they keep. Translation: you aren’t going to find this on the shelves of your area big box retailer anytime soon. There’s a place and time for any/every product in the market, sure, but ROIL is more focused on a beauty and social consciousness than it is in getting it to the hands of the next YouTube famous blogger.

If you want to try ROIL but aren’t in the area of a 5 star resort anytime soon, you can purchase products directly from their “private collection”, which is even more upscale than their amenity line. Now through August 31, you can also get 20% off your entire order by using the promo code “Mane20” at checkout (code expires August 31). A small, curated line of products that is no nonsense and simply stunning to look at, let alone experience. We like where the #RoilLife is going with their mission. Tell us if you’ve tried ROIL and what you think in the comments below!





just blowmei already

Yes, you read that title right. We can relate to a brand that utilizes a little play on words (hair is our MANE Interest, after all), and blowmei hair care has an attention grabbing name that is just the start. New to the product scene just this year, blowmei hair care is a naturally based line that focuses on the styling essentials needed to get your best, sexiest hair for both gals and guys. Here are two products you need to know about now and why:

protectmei smoothing mist: an aerosol based “serum” that conditions, is a heat protectant, AND, most importantly in our opinion, reduces the amount of time it takes to blow dry your hair. ANYONE can benefit from this product!

party paste: for guys and short haired gals, a texturizing paste that gives you some g damn separation and hold like you want it (ALL DAY) but without overdoing it. This product HAD to have been formulated by a dude. #justsayin πŸ˜‰


Try blowmei now
Mane Interest is all about the new and now and we encourage you to try the ‘new’ and ‘now’ when it comes to the blowmei brand. Use the coupon code “maneinterest” at checkout on to receive 20% off your order and let us know what you think of the products in the comments below!